Mckean OHV Trail Association Rules:


1.  Membership is open to any ATV, UTV, dirt bike, SXS, or snowmobile that has a current state registration, license plate, and liability insurance. 

2.  Proof of membership, registration, and insurance is required at all times when riding.  This proof may be requested at trail heads or at safety inspections.  Any person found on MOTA trails without these documents will be prosecuted for trespassing.

3.  Any member found in violation of any club rule may have their membership immediately terminated without refund and may be subject to criminal prosecution. 

4.  Operating any off highway vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.

5.  All riders will be subject to the rules from Chapter 77 of the PA State Vehicle Code.

6.  All machines must retain the stock or stock decibel level exhaust. Pipes or modified exhausts are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of membership.

7.  Proper safety gear appropriate for the machine operated required at all time.

8.  Riders must stay on marked trails at all times.  Any rider found off approved trails may face immediate termination and prosecution for trespassing by the respective land owner.

9.  Max trail speed is 35 mph. 

10.  In residential and other populated areas max trail speed is 10 mph. 

11.  Riders under 16 years of age must always be under direct supervision of a parent or guardian .

12.  It is the duty of members to report any observed trespassing or destructive behavior either by members or non-members on the trail. 

13.  No Littering.  All items brought with the rider must be taken back out.  Any trash on the trail such as cans, bottles, or other garbage should be picked up if seen.

14.  No guests are permitted. All riders must hold a valid membership.

15.  All posted trail signs and markers must be followed at all times.

16.  All members must agree to the liability waiver when registering.

17.  All trails close at 10 PM.

18.  Trails will be closed during certain hunting seasons.

19.  All machines must have a functioning head light, tail/brake light, brakes, and factory muffler.

20.  Private land owners must be respected at all times. Any report of either property or personal abuse of any kind of a land owner may result in immediate membership termination without refund and possible criminal charges.